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MOVEMENT The power of movement is a vital and integral part of navigating the many elements of life. The body is our vehicle. Jude's teaching and practice ebbs and flows through different movement forms to promote a healthy and playful whole body experience, threading them together in a variety of shapes and forms to create classes, workshops, courses and retreats. Including (but not limited to) somatics, functional movement, animal play, yoga asana and more. 

RELAXATION - Equally important as movement, effective relaxation plays a crucial part in maintaining a healthy life. Building a thorough understanding and practice through breath work is a part of this process. Jude utilises a range of relaxation techniques and approaches to enable us to connect with our parasympathetic nervous system, including (but not limited to) Restorative Yoga (with support from props), gentle movement, somatics, guided meditation and more.

MOVEMENT DIRECTING - Primarily focused on theatre settings - in diverse forms and spaces. She is continually fascinated in the point at which the moving body and text meet. She recognises the importance of the physical world of plays through establishing a movement language. She works with actors, directors and theatre-makers. Her approach involves facilitating the work of those around her, encouraging actors’ own discovery of their bodies and work. Fitness, mobility and well-being are also crucial factors in her work.


CHOREOGRAPHY - Dance is both a means of creating joy and a skilled art form. Jude is able to provide knowledge and choreographed material of a range of dance forms and is always actively researching and expanding skills in new forms. She choreographs and teaches material in student, amateur, semi-professional and theatre settings.

WRITING She encourages writing as a means of self-expression, understanding of the world, and heightened awareness, as well as creative expression, playfulness and for purposes of enjoyment. The act of writing is a big part of her practice which she shares in workshops, via social media, newsletters and on retreats. 


LITERATURE + THEATRE - From ancient Hindu scriptures to European Romantic poetry, from Shakespeare to Mary Oliver, literary and philosophical texts and their language, morals, questions, ideas, philosophies and much more provide added depth and texture to the already incredible path of yoga and movement. Jude sees this material as offering rich perspectives on our life experiences and opening the inner eye to our inner depth and growth. These texts helps us to question and witness what it means to be human: in body, in mind, in spirit. 

SPECIALISMS - performing artists (dancers + actors); athletes; young adults; workplace/staff populations; (mental) health + wellbeing

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