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Jude teaches a regular class and course schedule each week. She provides workshops and events and one-off courses in addition to this. She is also available for bespoke workshops or classes, for private/small group/one-to-one sessions, for festivals and retreats, and for projects and productions. Please see below for regular schedule & drop-down menu for all other options.

Update May 2022: please be aware that Jude is currently working in a full-time role and has limited availability at present. Enquiries welcome.

Jude's offerings:

  • Public classes

  • Courses

  • Workshops

  • Work-based/corporate

  • School sessions (Primary and Secondary)

  • One-to-one/small group classes (new to yoga, athletes, dancers, actors, meditation, mindfulness, grief work, healing, personal development, coaching, wedding & hen parties, & more)


Classes & Timetable

Class Level Guide > 1 = beginner; 1+ = experienced beginner or all levels; 2 = intermediate; 2+ advanced intermediate; 3 = advanced

For all enquiries please contact Jude at or via Move with Jude on Facebook or 07842 566325.

You can sign up to my friendly (news)letters here for exclusive offers and information about classes, workshops and more!


  • please be aware that there are no regular classes running at this present time

  • to access ONLINE CLASSES please contact Jude or take a look here

  • Jude occasionally covers classes at the Sports & Wellness Hub at the University of Warwick

For Warwick Sport classes please contact the centre directly.

Courses, Workshops, Events & Festivals:

  • please be aware that there are none running at this present time

Non-WS workshop bookings can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

Writings & other resources:

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