Jude teaches a regular class and course schedule each week. She provides workshops and events and one-off courses in addition to this. She is also available for bespoke workshops or classes, for private/small group/one-to-one sessions, for festivals and retreats, and for projects and productions. Please see below for regular schedule & drop-down menu for all other options.

Jude's offerings:

  • Public classes

  • Courses

  • Workshops

  • Work-based/corporate

  • School sessions (Primary and Secondary)

  • One-to-one/small group classes (new to yoga, athletes, dancers, actors, meditation, mindfulness, grief work, healing, personal development, coaching, wedding & hen parties, & more)


Classes & Timetable

Class Level Guide > 1 = beginner; 1+ = experienced beginner or all levels; 2 = intermediate; 2+ advanced intermediate; 3 = advanced

For all enquiries please contact Jude at movementwithjude@gmail.com or via Move with Jude on Facebook or 07842 566325.

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Coventry schedule:

Warwick Sport (University of Warwick):

  • Mondays - 12.30-1.30pm - Fun(ctional) Flow

  • Mondays - 4.30-5.30 - Beginner Yoga 

  • Mondays - 5.30-6.30pm - Fun(ctional) Flow

  • Tuesdays - 12-1pm - Yoga & Mobility

  • Wednesdays - 8.45-9.45pm - Yoga for Relaxation 

  • Fridays - 6-7.30pm - Fun(ctional) Flow

Health & Wellbeing Programme (University of Warwick):

  • Mondays - 8-8.45am - Rise & Shine (free for UoW staff + students)

  • Wednesdays - 5.30-6pm - Yoga for Study (free for UoW students)

  • Wednesdays - 6pm-6.30pm - Yoga for Relaxation (free for UoW students)

Coventry University Sports Centre:

  • Wednesdays - 12.15-1.15pm - Fun(ctional) Flow

Coventry Triathletes (open to all - Scout Hut, Cedars Avenue):

  • Fridays - 7-8am - Athletes Flow

For Warwick Sport + Coventry University classes please contact the centres direct.

Courses, Workshops, Events & Festivals:

  • Reawaken & Restore - workshop - 2.45-5.30pm @ Loft Fitness Coventry

  • Yoga for Athletes - 8 weeks - Tuesday - beginning 21st Jan. 2020 - 4-5.30pm @ Warwick Sport

  • Yoga Course - 8 weeks - Tuesdays - beginning 21st Jan. 2020 - 6-7.30pm @ Warwick Sport

  • Intermediate Yoga Course - 8 weeks - Wednesdays - beginning 22nd Jan. 2020 - 7-8pm @ Warwick Sport

  • Yoga Masterclass - Saturday 25th January 2020 - 9am-3pm @ Warwick Sport

Non-WS workshop bookings can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

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Class Descriptions:

All Classes - Stillness in flow and flow in stillness. All of Jude's classes are infused with flow in some way - physical or energetic or mindful or any combination. Why? Because life is flow and practicing this helps us to navigate our way through. With training and practice in other movement forms including functional movement (YogaStream 500hr YTT), pure movement and dance, some non-traditional elements make their way into classes to create an even deeper and more thorough experience of yoga and support greater body awareness. Attention is always paid to alignment and basic anatomical principles whilst encouraging freedom of movement and becoming at home with your body. Jude's aim is to encourage you to listen to your body and mind and thus Create Your Own Medicine!

Please Note: not all classes described below run at any one time. Please check scheduled above for details or get in touch with any queries.

Vinyasa Flow 1+/2 - Synchronising breath and movement, this Vinyasa Flow class threads together poses through continuous flow. Its flowing and energetic qualities focus on building strength, flexibility and ease of movement. This class ranges in pace between steady and fast, cultivating moments of pause within the flow to work into specific poses and areas of the body bringing a Yin quality to the Yang. You are always encouraged to take the class at your own pace, with modifications and/or variations offered for many postures. Sequences change week-to-week ensuring the creative and unique quality of each class. This class begins with Pranayama (breath work) and warm-up to prepare you for the flow. If you're seeking a cardiovascular and stamina-based workout, this is the class for you. Flow, breathe, enjoy - and make it your own experience! Suitable for All Levels

Hatha-Vinyasa - 1+ - Blending gentle and Vinyasa Flow with Hatha Yoga, these classes run at a steady pace, providing time to work into postures with focus on alignment and building strength and mobility in transitioning between them. Winding down into cooling postures and a little Restorative Yoga before the final relaxation, Savasana. You are always encouraged to take the class at your own pace, with modifications and/or variations offered for many postures. Sequences and postures change week-to-week ensuring the creative and unique quality of each class. Suitable for All Levels. 

Yin-Yang Yoga - 1+ - Joining together two strands of yoga practice - the passive (Yin) and the active (Yang) - for a class centred on balance, where stillness and movement meet together. Beginning with a warm-up incorporating shorter Yin holds, before a Yang-based flow, and winding down to longer-hold Yin postures and a yummy supported Savasana. This class offers both the dynamic, energising and the cooling, calming benefits of yoga, serving the body and mind with the best of both worlds and everything in-between. The muscles, organs and connective tissue (including the fascia) will be nourished and replete. In the words of Sarah Powers, “The practice of yin/yang yoga helps us learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness.”   

Beginners' Flow - 1 - New to yoga? Then this class is for you. Specifically designed for beginners, this class draws on Flow, Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga focusing on building strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility whilst spending time to break down the postures with emphasis on safe practice. Time is given for helping the body restore, release, relax and heal.

After Work Yoga - 1/1+ - A blend of yoga styles, infused with a gentle flow feel, focusing on countering the effects of work-life and supporting the body in its day-to-day routine. A whole-body class with special attention to the wrists, back, shoulders, neck and head to tend to oft-affected areas of the body in the work environment. This class provides your body with a chance to breathe.

Gentle Flow - 1 - Aimed at beginners and those who want a relaxing and easeful experience, helping to counteract the effects of busy day-to-day life by restoring the body. These classes run at a mellow, soothing pace, weaving together postures it encourages expansive and calming breathing, opening and releasing tight areas, and building a little strength. Suitable for All Levels. 

Yin Yoga - 1/1+ - A calming, meditative class that focuses on the power of letting go and working into the body's connective tissues - ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks. Moving through a series of long-held floor postures, with steady transitions in-between, cultivating the flow of energy within stillness. Always ending with a yummy, supported Savasana. The huge benefits of Yin can include: anxiety reduction, deeper relaxation, increased circulation/flexibility and greater joint mobility. (See also Yin-Yang Yoga).

Restorative Yoga - 1/1+ Rest, restore, revitalise. Focused on relaxation, this restorative class is a sure-fire antidote to a fast-paced life and intense physical exercise. Cultivating stillness and calm, this class invites you to let go of mind, body and emotional tension through full release into deeply restorative postures. Led at a gentle pace with mindful movement. Suitable for All Levels.

Move & Groove - 1+Open, move and play - say YES to life. A movement* class exploring presence and connection within our inner self and to the outside world, drawing on the practices of Laban, Viewpoints, Lecoq and many more. It aims to cultivate both stillness and energy, balance and imbalance, and to encourage our bodies to express themselves to their fullest potential. Grounding, freedom and play are right at the core, counteracting the time we regularly spend rushing around, sitting or standing for many hours of a day. 'Move & Groove' weaves together a diverse range of approaches, including breath work, neutral state, free flow, cardio, biomechanics, therapeutic elements, with a splash of influence from dance and theatre. Each week will offer something a little different, to go with the ever-changing flow of life. This class offers the opportunity to let go, breathe and ground - and, obviously, to move and groove! Suitable for All Levels.

*In this instance the term 'movement' refers to the many diverse physical and body-mind practices which cultivate and encourage us to explore our own capacity to move to a greater extent, thus freeing and opening our bodies - all of the abovementioned practitioners are included in this, along with dance, yoga, Pilates, sports and many, many more.