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The figure at the very heart of Move with Jude - a movement educator, practitioner and writer with a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to teaching, sharing and practising movement and associated practices. This approach is infused with functional movement, relaxation, somatics, yoga, meditation, strength and mobility training, along with theatre and dance.

Jude is a continual student of ancient philosophies, practices and spiritual traditions, including yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She believes in the importance of valuing these ancient roots and incorporates aspects into her teaching, personal practice and approach to life. 


Jude's purpose is to facilitate students building confidence in and through movement for day-to-day life and in other settings (e.g. sport, performing arts). She encourages students to fall in love with moving and creative expression, creating pathways to heal themselves, communities and the wider world, ultimately leading to living life in the fullest way possible.

Movement (in its widest sense) serves all bodies, from all backgrounds and Jude believes it's vital to recognise, acknowledge and make this possible. It's about being human after all. Come move, connect and create!



Private sessions (one-to-one, small group), public classes & courses, corporate & workplace bookings, workshops, events & festivals, sports/athletics/dance club or team sessions, projects & productions (e.g. theatre), and more...

Are you....

  • wanting to feel confident, strong and at ease in yourself and/or your day-to-day activities?

  • working towards a goal - be it physical or mental health related?

  • keen to have material to practise in your own time and space which can fit into your schedule?

  • wanting to build relaxation and time to restore into your day and/or week?

  • interested in exploring a range of tools and approaches to bring more variety to your existing practice/routine?

  • in need of unpicking and rebuilding postural habits to create greater ease when sitting, standing, and in moving?

  • returning from injury and/or illness and looking for ways to create effective and efficient movement patterns to support you in your steps forward?

If you find yourself answering yes to any (or several) of these, Move with Jude is here to work with you. With several years experience in a variety of fields and practices, including theatre, dance, yoga and pure movement, there is plenty to explore and support you with. Jude aims to facilitate learning and enquiry and give you the tools to take home and keep exploring. This movement practice is intended to be accessible to everyone no matter what your point of arrival.


Her on-going learning and curiosity about the human body and being - through both modern and ancient science and wisdom - makes space for what is both known and unknown. Jude endeavours to share this in her teaching.  

Defining movement (Oxford Dictionaries)

an act of moving; a group of people (in a movement e.g. political, humanitarian); a slow/steady change in what people in society do or think; a movement (i.e. passage) in a piece of music



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